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How did my first body-to-body massage go and why do I indulge in it regularly?

Body to Body Massage

I learned about body to body massage on the Internet in an article, I was very fascinated by the idea of ​​a naked female body, which serves as a massage tool. After reading the article, I started to find out more information, not only about body-to-body massages, but also tantra massages and erotic massages in general. After a long study, I decided to go to the coccinele massage salon and I decided to describe my first experience with erotic massage in detail.

The first contact with the erotic massage salon enchanted me

Immediately after stepping into the massage parlor, I was enchanted by the calm atmosphere. Muffled music played throughout the interior and perfectly complemented the scent, which soothed me very much.

I couldn't wait for the first contact with my pre-selected erotic masseuse Eva. After a long selection on the Coccinelle website, I chose this based on my taste.

The masseuse had a lot of experience with erotic massages for men

The first meeting with the beautiful masseuse Eva was priceless, she was wearing a tight miniskirt and long high-heeled shoes, I couldn't wait to see her naked and I blushed at the greeting. Eva and I exchanged a few words, and then we went to my room together, where she began to undress me, and accompanied by quiet music and gentle touches, she led me to the shower, where we spent about 15 minutes. That moment, however, came to me like an eternity, washed me thoroughly and we went back to my room.

Body to body massage was the best erotic experience of my life!

After a shared shower, we finally went to bed and Eva slowly started the massage. First, she relaxed me with her palm massage techniques. From the trapezius muscles to the calves, I felt incredibly warm and the excitement in me began to rise uncontrollably.

After completing the relaxing massage, she reached for a very aromatic massage oil, reminding me of a mixture of lavender and licorice. The oil was very warm and I could feel it slowly running down my back, and my head said, "When will I finally feel Eva's beautiful body on my own ?!". I didn't even have time to finish the thought and I felt her breasts on my shoulders.

A massage with a happy ending?

I had absolutely no idea of ​​time, second and minute merging into each other, just like our hot bodies, and I wished the massage would never end. I thought about the need for climax, I wondered if the erotic masseuse would leave me and end the massage without a happy ending. It didn't happen and in the last minutes she started to work hard on the penis and with refined movements she led me to the grand finale.

I've experienced something I want over and over again. I return to the Coccinelle massage salon gladly and often, all erotic masseuses in this company are worth a sin and I want to try them all gradually. In the future, I do not oppose massages for men by men or lesbian shows.

Malá Štěpánská 1929/9, 120 00 Praha 2-Nové Město, Česká republika
+420 773 608 898

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