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FAQ in our erotic massage salon in Prague

Can I pay for the services of erotic massage by card?

Any of our salon services, such as: erotic massage for men, sensitive massage for women, massage for couples, tantra massage, nuru massage, body-on-body massage, gay massage, prostate massage and others, you can pay only in cash.

Do you accept euros or dollars?

Yes, of course we accept.

What is the work schedule at your salon?

Our erotic and tantra salon in Prague is working 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM or till the last client.

Do you provide services of sexual character?

No, we do not provide sex, oral or anal. We offer erotic and tantra massages only.

Types of erotic massage

Types of erotic massage and useful application at the salon Coccinelle Erotic Massage

Sensual massage or massage by hands:

This kind of massage is one of the relaxing methods invented in ancient times in the culture of Eastern countries. It was a good idea for two people to establish between them a strong not only physical but also spiritual connection. Through erotic massage the person express the arrangement, trust, well and naturally carries and tenderness. Therefore, if you decide to know your love better, to understand his feelings and tactile preference, then forward- to wiser spaces of pleasure for two - that's called erotic massage!
Important! To ask doctor before if you can get massage!

There are a lot of types of erotic massage:

  • Thai body massage ( or body on body), performed by whole body;
  • water-foam massage, by slipping bodies against each other in foam water;
  • tantric massage, by stimulating of erogenous zones and genitals through the body;
  • massage " Branch of Japanese cherry", you can bite and touch the tongue and lips;
  • massage "aquagel" is done in the shower with the help of the chest and buttocks with using a gel;
  • massage with Nuru gel - is done on the bed kind of " aquagel" massage.

All these types of massage characterize and unite one, except for the concept of "erotic" - you must always press hard against the partner's body, even during manipulations with oils, gels and so on.When performing an erotic massage, you can use such auxiliary items as ice, bird feathers and aromatic essential oils. In the choice of oil you need to focus on your preference, both your own and your partner. At the salon Coccinelle we are using very quality vegetable oils without parfumerie and colors. All the time it is necessary to ensure that the bodies are sufficiently moistened, then the touch will be more gentle, and the intensity will not bring unpleasant sensations. Do not forget about such an important element of the disclosure of sensuality as music, first, it gives the massage a special piquancy, and secondly, it also helps to relax.

The main difference between erotic massage is, as you might guess, its dimensionality. Therefore, you need to feel the rhythm of the partner and constantly stay in it, you also need to tune yourself and get in unison with the partner's breathing. Erotic massage means arousing a partner. If you do it to your loved one, you can do everything, although the real skill is to bring a man to orgasm without touching the genitals, by stroking the body. The whole secret lies in the constant teasing of the partner, alternating intense touches and barely perceptible.

Our salon can offer real quality massages such as sensual relaxing, body massage, tantric massage and a lot of more extra!!! Stay with us!

Massage for a woman

The article "Massage for a woman" is a real tip of one of our visitors about erotic body massage. Since in this case the masseuse did massage to a woman, then, of course, there was an Erotic show. In general, we rarely publish reviews of visitors about the massage, but we liked this feedback to everyone: it is a beautiful, emotional, well-conveying atmosphere of our salon. It is especially recommended to read it to the girls and couples going to try massage at the Coccinelle salon of erotic and tantra massages.

Pleasant eastern music and a fragrance of fragrant oils fill the mirror room. Approximately the same flow of pleasant warm memories over the body and growing excitement. Our joint soul further inflames curiosity. Her beautiful, long fingers, well-groomed hands gently touch my body, causing a sweet languor. She washes off the rest of the foam from me, gently wipes it, and gently looks into my eyes.Flickering by the candlelight droplets of water on her body attracted to her. My gaze follows her graceful movements. Lush hips and flat belly of this cute girl I mentally compare with my ...

She coquettishly dismisses her dark long hair and puts on her body fragrant oil, with the aroma of vanilla and musk. The same she does with me. Then lying on my stomach, I feel as she massages me, slowly sinking from above to down. Excitation waves roll one after another. Her movements are felt to every my cell. She goes to an erotic massage. I see it in the mirror reflection - long hair has spread out over my body, it gently embarks on its program, which it skillfully owns ...She clings to me, gently strokes the cervix and whispers that I turn to her belly. This causes fear and insane interest. Her hands touch my body. I just close my eyes and imagine next to me ... a man. But the movements of the sensual fingers, the stupefying smell of her body, make one forget about men. A woman always knows what another woman needs! She has studied her own body well, now she is trying to learn mine.

She says that she likes my figure - elastic legs, tender skin and ... my perfume. This flattered me, a little fun, but even more gets.This is the last straw. I hear light music. I see us in a mirror image on the wall. I do not recognize myself ... She slides her body over mine. I'm furious with her intermittent breathing ... I notice that I'm starting to breathe the same way ... And suddenly all the sensations merge together, the music, the aroma of oils and the mirror image have done their job, and I fly off somewhere high for a moment , Where only me, she, and ... paradise pleasure. Exquisitely, divinely, unrepeatably! For the first time I was so close with a beautiful woman. The first time I enjoyed the touch of women's hands. Perhaps she was the only woman in my life, and the time spent together - a vivid memorable erotic massage.

If you like this review about massage, you can see erotic photos of masseuses and choose the one that you like most. But remember that photography does not always convey reality, so with the choice of girls you can decide already in the salon before the massage. We are waiting for you on an erotic massage! Do you want to know more about massage? - We bring to your attention interesting articles.

Our masseuses
  • Martina

    height: 166 cm, weight: 59 kg, bust: 3

  • Violetta

    height: 165 cm, weight: 52 kg, bust: 3

  • Allen

    height: 190 cm, weight: 70 kg, bust:

  • Linda (en)

    height: 168 cm, weight: 55 kg, bust: 2

  • Karol

    height: 168 cm, weight: 48 kg, bust: 2