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Erotic massages and my first touch with new job

Erotic massages and my first touch with new job

My name is Sofie and I’m an erotic masseuse. I like my job. A lot of people judge me, because they don’t know anything about it. And what is it about? I will tell you my story, part by part, and describe my experience with massages and my clients. Make your own conclusion.

I will start at the very beginning – how did I even get to this job.

I’m a bit over twenty years of age and I work since my 18th birthday, after I graduated high school. I went through many jobs. Every one of them lasted for only a few months. Later I found my place in the world of massages, where I finally started to consider the job as a relaxing element rather than stressful one. Unfortunately, my number one problem of the month was money, so I got to erotic massages.

I found an ad promising a rather unbelievable 1800 to 2800 USD per month.  Ha ha, very funny! I found it ridiculous so I made an appointment just out of pure curiosity.

Now I’m standing in front of a mirror wearing tight black jeans and top with cleavage.  A black jacket lies over my shoulder. My hair comes in waves down to my shoulders and I’m preparing to go on that miraculous interview that is supposed to change my life.

I arrived, saw a doorbell labelled massages and have the feeling that the door will be opened by women wearing tiny black laced dresses and balancing on high heels. Breathing in, breathing out, and I’m pushing the bell.  The door opens and I enter an old, but nicely decorated house. The walls are painted with spring-grass-green. Their beauty is reflected by high mirrors reaching the vaulted ceiling. I walk up the stairs until I get to massive wooden door leading to the parlour. I was welcomed by a young miss with pleasant and natural appearance. No tiny black laced clothing. She leads me though a black-red hallway until we arrive to a smaller, lavender-scented room and tells me to sit on a transparent chair. Then another woman came in. She’s a bit older and her blond curly hair wildly drops down to her shoulders. Her eyes shine and her face is decorated with a smile from ear to ear. She introduces herself as the owner of the place and the interview starts.

I leave the interview with mixed feelings. The job is really about massages, but erotic ones. You mostly work with body energy, erotic energy to be specific. However, the massage ends with so called happy end. I think everyone knows what that means.  Well, I’m leaving the thing hanging and go off to bed.

I’m waking up in the middle of the night, woken up by curiosity, what is the massage like? Is it perverse or sensual? And the prospect of money. I’m getting up and open my small black computer. I typed erotic massage to the search bar and browse the websites of erotic parlours and read discussions. The curiosity increases.

The next morning, I got up searching for my phone. I arranged my first training day in an erotic parlour, full of curiosity and excitement.

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