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Body on body massage Prague - Erotic Massage COCCINELLE

Why is body on body massage in Prague so exciting?

Body on body massage in PragueNothing can fill up a person with such positive energy of love and peace as sincere contact with another person. Natural body warmth instead of warming balsams, flexible and variable anatomy of women's lines instead of massage tools are the purest forms of two bodies merging. Come to our salon and try new and exciting experience when two sensual girls will massage you with their naked bodies! Nothing will recover you after a hard day better than erotic relaxation. Let us bring you memorable emotions and pamper your body.

Why should you try body on body massage?

The body on body massage combines useful and pleasant things. So, you can become healthier and get breathtaking experience during a body to body massage in Prague. Let’s see the major benefits of this massage.

  • Become relaxed and calm. It helps in case of depression, fills up your body with new power and energy.
  • Improve your sexuality. Due to a body on body massage in Prague, you will discover a new level of your sexual excitement and become more self-confident and free with your sexual partner.
  • Try something new. If you look for new emotions and you are tired of your everyday routine, body to body massage is an excellent option. It is an exotic kind of pleasure that gives you numerous benefits. 

Body on body massage in Prague procedure

During the body to body massage, we use a special gel called Nuru. It is made of seaweeds extract and has unique lubricating effect. In the beginning, a masseuse applies the gel on her and your body to give the coming contact the necessary sliding effect. After this, it is the time for a playing and erotic body on body massage when all the parts of your bodies pass to each other. Your erogenous zones are stimulated by sliding moves, and gradually you get relaxed physically and mentally. Nuru massage is like a dance when two bodies join into the one harmonic union. And these bodies perfectly complement each other. The fantastic wave of the passionate desire will strike you with intensive satisfaction.

The body on body massage in our salon is provided only by experienced masseuses. The technique is full of secret effects that only very sensitive persons can reach. The right masseuse feels her client's body and reacts on every impulse skillfully without any words to communicate.

This massage is determined even for demanding clients that seek for unique experience. Passion and sensuality will fill up your body, and the whole session will give you a harmonic balance of your body and mind.

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