Erotic Massage Prague!

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Erotic massage from the Salon «Erotic-Tantra massage Coccinelle»

Erotic and tantric massage Prague

Erotic and tantric massage Prague

Massage for men in Prague Exciting massage for men

Do you want to take a rest from day to day concerns and dive into world of pleasure and relaxation? Exciting massage for men is ideal way how to rest. Choose from many of our beautiful masseuses to guide you from shower to final massage of penis.

Price from: 1 200 Kč
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Sensitive massage for women Prague Sensitive massage for women

Do you desire of gentle touches of our sexy masseuse or masseur? Erotic massage for women requires different approach than for men. Every massage is tailored by individual women's desires and wishes. As our client you're always in charge where the massage is going and where are the boundaries.

Price from: 2 000 Kč
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Relaxing massage for gays in Prague Erotic massage for gays

Have you ever tried erotic massage for men by men? Fulfill your desires and dive into secrets of very exciting massage by our sexy masseurs. Our masseurs know how to fulfill your desires which will lead you to euphoria. We're best choice if you're looking for best gay massage in Prague!

Price from: 2 000 Kč
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Erotic couple massage in Prague Erotic massage for couples

Explore the unknown with your partner. Couple massage break all the taboos in your relationship and strengthen intimacy between partners. Don't be afraid of relationship disruption. Our masseurs respects all the wishes a desires of our clients. Erotic massage for couples spice the relationship and add an extraordinary experience.

Price from: 4 100 Kč
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Let your dreams come true and visit our massage salon where we fulfill all your unfulfilled desires.

Coccinelle team combines relaxation and excitement at the same time. Pick from many our services and let yourself pamper by gentle touches touches of our erotic masseuse or masseurs. Erotic massage in our luxury rooms will leave a mark which you will require again and again.

Intimate massages as pleasurable experience and healing process

Human body is full of erogenous zones which stimulation leads you to extraordinary experiences. Proper stimulation of prostate can lead to better erection and also serve as prevention against cancer. Tantric massage for women relieve menstruation pain and relieves stress during mental stress.

Most intense penis massage in Prague!

Happy ending massage is something most men desires. Our experienced masseuses use more than twenty different techniques and moves which will lead you to desired happy ending.

Our advantages

We take great care
of our clients!
We offer a 5-star massages with certified masseuses in discreet spaces


An intimate
shared shower
is a certainty with us


Experience luxurious service in the very center of Prague
for unbeatable prices !!!


Our most popular offer of all time !!!!
Massage * business lunch * 30 min only for 1200 CZK !!!

Join hundreds of our returning customers in Prague.

Coccinelle team prepares extraordinary experiences on daily basis to fulfill your desires.

Complete satisfaction of our clients is number one priority. As one of the few massage salons in Prague we respect desires and needs of our clients.

AFTER 22:00 YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATION via WhatsApp, Viber or CALL TO NUMBER + 420 773 608 898

Welcome to the heart of Prague, a sanctuary of tranquillity and pleasure where your senses are invigorated and your soul rejuvenated. Our erotic massage in Prague is a blissful escapade, crafted meticulously by skilled therapists to offer an unforgettable journey of sensual exploration and profound relaxation.

The Ultimate Sensual Retreat:

In our private massage salon, we invite you to shed the inhibitions of the outside world and indulge in an exclusive, intimate experience. Our professional therapists, masters in the art of pleasure and relaxation, are dedicated to providing a personalized session that caters to your unique needs and desires.

A Symphony of Sensations:

Our sensual massage is a harmonious blend of therapeutic strokes and tantalising touches. The therapists' adept fingers dance across your body, taking your mind on a journey into a world brimming with mysterious secrets, novel self-perceptions, and unexplored desires.

Ignite Your Passions: 

The finale of our sessions often incorporates the ancient practices of Lingam or Yoni sexual massage. This segment culminates in an emotional crescendo, a potent explosion of feelings that leaves a lasting imprint on your memory.

Your Private Haven:

Our private salon is a haven where you can freely express and explore your sensuality. We respect your privacy and ensure that your visit remains a confidential and deeply personal experience. Our salon is not merely a place for massage but a sanctuary where you can reconnect with your inner self.

Holistic Wellness through Erotic Massage

Beyond the realms of sensual pleasure, our massages also provide therapeutic benefits. Strategic stimulation of erogenous zones promotes overall wellness, enhances sexual potential, and addresses specific health concerns, such as aiding men in prolonging erection and helping women alleviate menstrual pain.

An Artistic Encounter: Respect for Boundaries

While maintaining a strict boundary against sexual contacts, our erotic and tantra massages stand as exquisite art forms bringing endless delight. Embark on a voyage into the realm of sensual gratification and therapeutic wellness with us in Prague. Let this unforgettable journey to relaxation, self-discovery, and pleasure stay with you, etched in your memories forever.

Our sexy massers offer: erotic massage Prague (Massage for men, sensitive massage for women and massage for couples), tantra massage Prague, Nuru massage Prague, body-on-body massage Prague, gay massage Prague, prostate massage Prague.

Customer reviews

My trip to Prague was more than I expected. I wanted to oder massage and choose Coccinelle Salon. They have simply cosy rooms with big mirrors. Girls looks very welcome and I pretty. Massage was b2b and was very hot. Total communication was fast and correct. Hello to Karina:)

I want to share the impressions) and recommend to everyone)I really liked this salon with it's atmosphere and cleanliness!!! There are pleasant prices and very good masseuses who will give you a good service!!! Thanks)

Wonderful experience from beginning to end, really no complaints at all. It was the first time my boyfriend and me tried something like that, so we were a little nervous, but they put us at ease and gave us an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to have some fun doing something different. Thanks!

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Erotic and tantra massage salon in Prague «Coccinelle»
Address: Příčná 4, Nové Město 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika

This site does not offer sexual services, it is used to mediate erotic massage between the client and the masseuse or masseur. The condition of advertising is to rent a room in the massage parlor