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Erotic massage - first day, first client

Erotic massage - first day, first client

My name is Sofie and I’m an erotic masseuse and today, I use this introduction for the first time. I’m nervous. Very nervous. It’s my first day in an erotic parlour, other masseuses show me where’s what. They showed me how the massages go and what’s the happy end like. The more they show me, the more scared I am.

Now I’m sitting at the table and drink coffee. Thirty minutes to the first client. The time on wall-clocks is passing as slow as snails on a road during a hot summer day. Ten minutes client’s arrival. I stand up and go prepare the room. Draw the curtains, turn on music, light the candles and aroma lamp, prepare clean towels, check the bathroom.

 The doorbell rings and I slowly walk to the door. A tall and handsome young man with brown hair stands on the other side. His sharp features instantly get to my head. He’s looking at me with his light green eyes and smiles. I completely forgot to invite him in. “May I?” he asked with a smile.  I tell him to come in. We talk about the length of massage and I show him to his room, where I give him a clean towel and tell him to take a shower before the massage. I go to change as well.

I enter the room filled with candle light, lavender, and relaxing music. The client is completely naked and lying on the futon.  What a sexy ass! I take off the towel I walked in with and sit next to him, all naked. The massage starts.

I start with a deep inhale and exhale. I must be completely relaxed to be able to work with a client. I breathe as he does, deeply and slowly. I slowly start to stroke his whole body. The touch is soft, long and very slow. When I feel that he’s fully relaxed and ready to accept the touch, I use hot massage oil and start with the relaxing massage. The massage starts at the feet and continues with his buttocks and back. My hand goes on through his strong hands. I end at the palms, we both breathe deeply. As the time goes by, I pour more oil on him and then add some on myself. I slowly start to glide on him. I can hear him sigh with pleasure. As his passion intensifies I massage more and more quickly and then stop. I tell him to turn around and do the same massage again in the front part of his body. His eyes glow with lust and arousal. My fingertips gently stroke his chest. I softly touch his nipples and circle around them. Then my hands head down, but very slowly. His lust increases with my every touch. I wasn’t aware that I’m able to do this to a man. But let’s not forget – it’s still a massage. I add massage feel to the stroking. I can see that the massage is coming to an end, where comes what I fear the most. The Lingam massage starts. It’s not a so called handjob, but a massage technique for the man’s pride. The client looked like that he enjoyed it much more than any of my ex boyfriends liked a classic oral sex. And here comes the end. I let my client rest and give him some water. He then leaves to the shower and I go clean the room. I’m filled with feelings from my first erotic massage. And let me tell you... I feel great! No client ever reached such relaxation during a classic massage!

So here I am, sitting, drinking coffee, not full of fear from another client.

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